The Regional Studies Association is supporting a new Research Network on Sustainability Transitions in the Coastal Zone over the next 2 years (2016-2019).

The aim of the research network is to interrogate sustainability challenges in the coastal zone from the perspective of the emerging field of socio-technical transitions (SST) research. While studies of socio-technical transitions frequently consider local contexts, the spatial dimension in general has been poorly elaborated in STT research.  Much contemporary discussion of transition is either aspatial or based on implicit assumptions about spatial homogeneity, with comparatively little attention to how policy proposals might work in an unevenly developed world. 

The Regional Studies Association Research Network on Sustainability Transitions in the Coastal Zone aims to address these limitations through an examination of socio technological transitions with an explicitly spatial focus in the context of the coastal zone. Four meetings are planned, which will seek to initiate and foster debate, insight and critical thinking in this space in an incremental and step-wise manner.

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If you are interested in getting involved with the research network pleas contact one of the organisers:

C. Patrick Heidkamp, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of the Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences, Southern Connecticut State University, CT, USA.

Dr. John Morrissey, Lecturer in Enviromental Geography, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology; Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK.

Dr. Catherine Chambers, Coastal and Marine Management Masters Program, University Centre of the Westfjords, Iceland.